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The four-year Professional Development Seminar is one of the most unique and valuable parts of an education at Nichols. Students work with professors, professionals, and each other to hone their skills as leaders, communicators, and decision-makers. Each year, you’ll focus on different aspects of your career-readiness, ensuring that you’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate.


Hi, I'm RJ, a TA for PDS. The professional development seminar is a four-year program unique to Nichols College. Students learn professionalism and career-ready skills that will help them stand out in the professional world.

Professional development seminar, also known as PDS, you take once a year for four years, and you really just learn career-focused material. So you learn how to do a resume, a cover letter. You learn how to interview. You learn how to create a LinkedIn profile and a Weebly, which I think totally sets us apart from different schools, because I know a lot of my friends, they ask me for help with their resume and cover letter, because they don't learn it in school.

And when you're going to college, you're preparing to get a job after school. And if you don't have the materials to get you a job and to really present yourself, you're really going to be a step behind. So I think Nichols gives students an advantage from freshmen year, really helping develop those materials, and really help you build your own personal brand.

Currently, because I'm a sophomore, we're doing mock interviews with other students. So it's just a great opportunity to be able to sit down, just experience an interview, before actually going into one interview that actually really means a lot to you.

PDS and other campus events, I've learned a lot about networking. It's something that Nichols really strives to get into the minds of their students, because you learn that it is very important. Not everything is about your GPA. It's about how you can network, how you can socialize with other coworkers, how you really do in a group.

I feel really prepared. The professional development seminar classes that you take each year really-- they set the path, and make sure you're on target.

Nailing an interview comes solely from everything I've learned in PDS. And I think it is the driving force behind students here reaching their maximum professional potential.