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Every event, every game, every class, and every meeting is a chance to be a part of something bigger. That’s the spirit that drives Bison Pride. We foster a supportive, family atmosphere on campus that goes beyond packed bleachers at every home game.


Bison pride is so catchy, and it's you like thrive off of it. So it's when you attend sporting events, you can't help but just get excited, excited for the team and excited to be there, surrounded by other students.

You don't have to be an athlete to get involved in the sporting events here at Nichols. All of the admission to the events is free. You can go in with your student ID, and sit with all your friends and cheer on your peers in the classroom.

But no matter if the team's winning or losing, like everybody comes to every game. That amount of love and support is like what kind of drives the community in the right direction.

The bison pride here, everybody is just a family. Everyone shows up to games. Everyone roots on their team. Football games, I look up in the stands occasionally while I'm playing, and it's a packed house.

One of my most memorable moments was probably watching the women's tennis team win the CCC's. No matter what sport it is, Bison pride is always strong here on The Hill.

What I love to do on campus would definitely be going to the basketball games. Freshmen to seniors, even I saw alumni there too representing Nichols college shirts and got signs and everything, and it was just a great experience and opportunity to be a part of.

[CHEERING] I think Bison pride definitely goes beyond athletics. I think that every person that is involved here has a lot of Bison pride.

You can find Bison pride inside of classrooms, inside the res halls, at meetings. Wherever you go, there's Bison pride there.

I think everyone that goes to Nichols came here because they loved it, and they really wanted that family feel. And we all support each other and we're a happy herd.