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The Nichols community offers plenty to do outside of class with 40+ organizations and clubs, 20+ Division III athletic clubs, and 10+ intramural sports. Student organizations are opportunities to explore your interests, find new ones, make friends, and develop leadership skills that you’ll use long after graduation. Our student government is highly active on campus and is a great place to set yourself apart as someone who can really get things done.


Even though we are a small community, we always have something going on. Getting involved on campus is a great way for you to get out of your comfort zone, make new friends, and connect with the Nichols college community. We are a small and supportive community, which means you can take an active role on campus life. Starting at club, playing intramurals, and running for a position in student government-- the opportunities are endless. We have great student leaders and staff who love working with enthusiastic students about their big ideas.

Student government has re-evaluated how we plan events on campus. And we have just recently created the Social Programming Board, who's going to make sure there are events every Thursday through Saturday on campus. They help plan the SGA day. They have the Weekend Warrior program, which sounds awesome. Other things on campus-- we have ice cream trucks on the road. We just had a Welcome Wednesday. And the list just continues.

I think it's the little activities that we do on campus. Those are really special to me, just because they do a lot for the students, and they try to make us feel at home as possible. So that's really cool. The school definitely works hard to make anything and everything available for every student, for their particular needs.

Everything I'm involved in is fun. Whether it's participating in Bison Games for the football team, or it's getting involved with a club. We like to do a lot of fun activities by taking trips, and on campus, they always have things going on.

I love hanging out on the quad. That's like a really fun thing to do on campus. There's always like events going on with Social Programming. Our senior class events have been really awesome.

My favorite activity on campus is Bisonfest. It's an entire week where the classes and faculty and staff compete against each other. I love how it just brings the entire community of Nichols College together.