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The Honors Scholar Program at Nichols offers highly motivated and academically promising full-time students the opportunity to develop their intellectual potential to the fullest and to receive special recognition for outstanding academic achievement. Honors Scholar candidates work closely with leading members of the faculty as they pursue specially designed, rigorous, and rewarding educational experiences.


As an Honors Scholar student at Nichols, I'm given the opportunity to attend special activities and events that help me gain business and cultural experiences. Honors students take several special honors courses throughout their four years at Nichols. During junior year, honors students have the opportunity to travel with their cohort. I'm looking forward to traveling to California this year. Upon graduation, honors students who successfully complete the program receive special designation, which will help you stand out against your competition after graduation.

The Nichols Honors Scholars Program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their communication, their analytical and their critical thinking skills, which we all know are vital skills for the workforce, for college success, and in life in general. We try to accomplish these goals through small, discussion-based classes, which allow students the opportunity to develop their own interests, working with faculty and staff closely and through interesting projects as well. The classes are offering students the opportunity to push themselves, to challenge themselves and the faculty without feeling like it's taking on an additional minor. We try to work with the students to be able to make it fit into their schedule and to help them best succeed in their other interests through the variety of classes that we offer.

Coming in as a freshmen, I took a 370 honors course. And I was able to get a lot of connections. And I felt like after being here for only two weeks, I was able to get letters of recommendations. And they were able to open a lot of doors for me. And they know I work hard already being in the program, so they're willing to take the extra mile and come out and help you out. And it brings a lot of connections.