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We believe that leadership is an innate quality inside every student, and that through cultivation, education, and experience, everyone can rise to meet their potential in both their career and their life. Our curriculum is specifically designed to help you discover your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and see yourself as the leader you were born to be.


Leadership is the heart of everything we do. Nichols provides countless opportunities to develop your leadership skills and cultivate your leadership style. I'm John, and I am a part of the Emerging Leaders Program here at Nichols College. I've been a part of this program for two years, and during these two years, I've grown as a leader overall.

This program pushes students to sharpen their leadership skills, in making their weaknesses and strengths. A great event that the Emerging Leaders Program does is hosting a competition where students at Nichols go to Mohegan Sun and present a case study. In this event, we are meeting fellow alums and connecting with them and learning about their own leadership roles.

Here at Nichols college, we believe that leadership can be taught, and we're here to develop leaders. Our first year experience program is called Lead 101-- Learning To Lead. All first year students take this course their first year. And we're hopeful and encouraged that from there students we'll take on other leadership roles, whether it's in the Emerging Leaders Program, in athletics, and/or in student involvement.

In our Emerging Leaders Program, that's a program that takes place outside of the classroom, and it's available to all of our students because we believe all students have leadership skills within themselves. Students participate in workshops, network with alums, serve in a leadership position here on campus, and it culminates their senior year where they get to travel with a group of fellow students to celebrate their leadership accomplishments.

It offers students the ability to network with leaders, to learn about leadership, and to develop their own leadership skills. The end result-- they have a stronger resume. I think the program demonstrates that students have initiative, they want to get involved, and they're willing to learn.

In the classroom, we've learned about all the different styles of leadership. Knowing my specific type of leadership moving forward has helped me to direct group work and teams along the way as well as helped me in the classroom as a PDSTA.

Lead is very big here, and I think that's another thing that differentiates Nichols because they're motivating and influencing us to take the next step and really want to be the leaders of the future. So being able to lead and being able to always want to see that initiative is a really good value to have.

Nichols definitely does a really good job at putting you in leadership positions, if you're willing to take the chance. So right when I moved in, I joined Student Government Association, which definitely helped me become who I am today. Taking on a leadership role in college is something I advise all prospect students, as well as even my friends who aren't involved, today.

I would never be the leader I am if I hadn't stepped out of my comfort zone, left my dorm room, and just went out and tried something new. It gives you the opportunity to just grow and discover all these potential leadership traits that you really didn't expect to have.

So now being here at Nichols, I've definitely grown as a leader, and I can see the whole transformation from high school Joyce to college Joyce. And just seeing the growth in how I can stand in front of a room and just interact with upperclassmen and professors and faculty definitely shows how I've evolved as a person.