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Our core commitment to leadership has deep roots in the liberal arts, with the goal of developing students who are knowledgeable in history, culture, politics, and the arts. We believe that students who have been exposed to the full range of cultures from around the world will be better prepared to draw connections and creatively solve problems regardless of their career track. 


Hi, I'm Ariff I'm a psychology major. Nichols offers its students a well-rounded education with several liberal arts majors to choose from. Students are taught by professors who bring their background and real world experiences to the classroom. Faculty immerse students into their chosen area of study, giving them the tools to learn leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, effective research, interviewing, writing, and presenting.

The liberal arts program at Nichols College offers courses in English and History, the Social Sciences and the Humanities, and our goal is really to develop a student who's knowledgeable in world cultures, in history, in literature, in politics, and for them to see the connections among those different disciplines. We want them to develop kind of a lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity around a lot of different disciplines.

I decided to come to Nichols. As soon as I saw the campus, I knew that I wanted to be here. As soon as I saw it for the first time, I knew that this is where I wanted to be all four years. And I knew it was known for its business program, but I wanted to be here as an English major, as liberal arts, because I knew that it would mean that I had small classes, I'd have a personal relationship with my professors.

It's been a great experience. I've had no classes with more than 15 kids in them, which opens it up for a nice discussion. You get to know everybody. You have a really personal relationship. So hopefully, after graduation I'll be writing for a newspaper or a magazine, and I know because the program's so small, my professors are going to actually help me set up these interviews and these jobs that I want to get afterwards.

The psychology majors, the math majors, English, and history majors have really strong faculty here. They have opportunities for internships and for study abroad. And while they do take some business courses, they have a really strong background in their area, and they have top professors who are willing to help them explore whatever their area of interest is in psychology, English, math, and history.