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Alumni play a huge role in the Nichols community by making themselves available to current students right from the start. Every Nichols alumni remember what it was like being a student and entering the professional world for the first time. They are our mentors; opening doors, offering counsel, and helping students understand how their decisions today will affect their career down the road.


We basically are introduced to alum on a daily basis. It's really normal for us so we always have the time to get into the mindset of what we're going to be doing after college. And that's what Nichols does really well. They're always introducing us to the next step.

They've given me so many opportunities to meet with alumni and go to different companies. One of the first weeks that I actually came to school last year, I was able to go to dinner with a bunch of alumni in the accounting field that were very successful. And even though I was just starting out, they gave me so many tips and little things to really drive me on my path to figure out what direction I want to go in accounting.

A Nichols student generally hits the ground running. They don't need all the education. They've gotten it here at Nichols on how to make presentations, how to write proposals. They're up to speed, and so students are very, very highly sought after when somebody knows about the college's past.

Generally, I would have thought that juniors and seniors that didn't have as much real world experience wouldn't have the scope that they seemed to have. One of the classes is a consulting group. They're working on a local bank, for example. They understood market segmentation, they understood defining the market place, market research techniques they were on top of. Just very impressive, and I must say, much further along than we were back when I was at school here.

With the Student Alumni Society, you build relationships with alumni because they love meeting the current students because they were once there, and they can connect with you. They're always willing to help you, and they like to hear from us.

I was very pleased with my education at Nichols and my marketing degree. Very, very impressive group. They had great focus this morning, which was really nice to see. They seemed genuinely interested. And I thought their questions were really, really thoughtful.

Nichols students are continuing to impress alumni in regards to their kind of preparedness, their conversation ability, ability to speak kind of open and candidly in a professional manner, and carry themselves in a kind of business setting like we were in today. It speaks volumes to kind of the preparation that Nichols is putting the students through.

I think the students are strong. I've been very impressed over the last five years in particular of the students I've met, and this group was no different. I had a very positive experience. I enjoyed the school a lot. It meant a lot to me, it helped me, and therefore, I'm always happy to give back.