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Nichols in NYC

Join professors, alumni, and your fellow students on a tour of New York City to explore the centers of business and finance on this fun, informative trip.

Nichols students have the opportunity to visit alumni with impressive careers in New York City each year. As a Nichols student, you’ll visit fortune 500 companies, network with alumni, and still have enough time to experience the city with tours or tickets to a sporting event.


New York's been pretty awesome.

Pretty cool day.

We made the most of the time. We did everything we could.

Given my experience from the financial services industry, I thought it would be helpful if we got these students to kind of see where modern financial services takes place, and that's in New York City, and more specifically on the New York Stock Exchange.

When we first got here, we went over to Hearst Publishing, and from there we met with the producer of Elle magazine.

Industry benchmark, and those benchmarks require quarterly growth.

Kevin is the publisher of Elle magazine, so he gave them a great overview today of exactly what goes on a day to day business of the magazine.

I point that out to you, because every industry has its epic battles.

I'm always happy to come and meet the students. I've been doing it for many years. I think the students are strong. I've been very impressed, over the last five years in particular, of the students I've met.

And I want to pick some really volatile stock, because the only way to win the contest is to find the stock that doubles or triples. And that is probably not how you would actually want to invest your money, and certainly not how you would want to invest if we had a lot of money, or if you had other people's money.

You want to get something done in those local markets, you have to adapt for the way you do business.

It's important to me to kind of give back to Nichols in that way, because I think I have-- just like many other alumni-- have useful, valuable information, and we can share and hopefully enrich.

That skill that you guys build, those kind of skills, is so, so important, and I would encourage you to harness that and use that to your advantage to compete.

About to get on the train so we can go to Barclay's, and watch the Lakers play the Nets.

Another new stadium we get to kind of check out too last year. With sports management, I was able to check out Citi Field, which recently opened in the past few years.


I love basketball, I love sports, and being able to go see different sports facilities it helps me develop an understanding of the sports world.

There's so many opportunities. I mean, at this school especially. The opportunity to go to the stock exchange, the Empire State Building with a very good group of people. I don't think I would get that anywhere else.

Nichols is such a small community, it really unites us and gives these opportunities to speak one on one with alum, and it just helps build these connections and network.