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Networking is fundamental to career growth and is a key tenant of an education at Nichols College. It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, but with practice and guidance, you’ll learn the core skills and earn the confidence to make shaking hands and trading contacts a simple and effective way to accomplish your goals.


One of the great things about Nichols is the value of the network that we have here. And our alums are so engaged and so involved in what we do on a daily basis. With the marketing capstone course. It's really about experiential learning. And there's a big emphasis at Nichols about providing students with practical hands-on opportunities to do work in their field. And so this is an opportunity for our students to pull together all of the things that they've learned and applied in specific areas, and pull them together in one project that allows them to develop a marketing plan from scratch for a particular client.

Jay is so smart-- the owner of the company. With us going in there and helping with new market strategy, we're going to give him an idea of exactly where you should be putting these products.

He has great ideas for what he wants his product to be, just not how he wants to move it. And I think it's going to be really exciting for us to try and help him figure that out.

I think it's great that they trust us, and they trust Professor Harmon to really impress them in the end. I think it's great that they're pretty much putting their whole marketing plan or their product in our hands to turn into something really great.

Running this like a business-- and at the end of the day, knowing that the client, our consulting project is actually going to add value to what they do-- I think is something that surprises the students. I think they don't expect that going in. I think they view it sometimes as well, this is another project that we're doing for a marketing class. But when they meet the client and they see how passionate they are about their business, when they see how important what it is that we're delivering to them, it brings a different level of expectation to them.

The fact that it's actually an alum who went to Nichols college that we get to work with, they know exactly where we're coming from. They know Professor Harmon really well. They've worked with him in the past. It kind of gives us the chance to understand where we could end up being within the next 10 years or so.


The international business program here was designed to help students to have a pretty good understanding of the world's markets-- both advanced economies and emerging markets.

Professor Goncalves, he has tons of connections. Anywhere in the world, you could pick a spot and he would be, OK, I'll get you an internship there. Where do you want to go? Do you want to go abroad?

For our major, we have to have an internship. So we went up to Marcus, and we're like, do you have any ideas, anyone? And he networked for us. We'll be actually helping an artist market into the United States.

I'm extremely excited to see his studio and good to go and like actually look at his artwork. He's really a popular artist over there right now.

We prepared them to lead the way. They got interviewed by the company. I just provided the setting. I introduce them to the companies, they are planning their trip. I'm supporting them along the way, but it's their initiative. So they know what they need to do and they are eager to do it.