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Explore the spellbinding architecture of Prague. Follow the path of history along the Great Wall of China. Or fall in love with the city and culture of Paris. Here at Nichols, if you’ve got the desire to travel, we’ve got a destination for you. Because studying abroad is one of the best ways to expand your cultural and intellectual horizons—and your career.


I feel like I need to do something different. I need to explore. I felt like I could do something else to become like a more well-rounded person, and what better than getting an amazing cultural experience in Spain.

I'm studying at University Nebrija. The professors are all from Spain. It's really nice, because they all speak English and they're very helpful.

As an accounting major, I have a lot of like core classes I need to take. The director of my program was so helpful helping me prepare. There were like certain classes I need to take before I came here, but he let me do them independently just so I can come abroad, because he'd realize how important studying abroad really is.

API's a great program. They've been bringing us to a whole bunch of different places. Which is a great way to meet a group of people from America, who are kind of all in the same boat. So it's nice. Even though we're all like spread out throughout Madrid, it's nice to like always come together and have a group dinner together.


I've never been to Europe before I came here, so I think that was a huge experience for me just to be able to, through this one program, get to experience so much.

Today we got to visit the Real Madrid Stadium, which was amazing. It's huge. It's just great to be able to have the opportunity to get a tour of it through my program. Football here is just something that really brings the whole culture together, and something that's so celebrated.

It's always a surprise when I order a sandwich. [LAUGHING] I could be getting like a big bulky sandwich, or like toast.

Our first day going grocery shopping-- because we live in an apartment-- was like, ah, sugar, like azucar. Like I know that one. And I was so proud of myself for like successfully grocery shopping in Spain, and it was powdered sugar. [LAUGHING]

Usually, people will go to bed around like 2 or 3 o'clock, and wake up for the day at 8:00. We stayed at the restaurant till 1:30, and that's so normal. The waiters don't mind. So it's something that's like crazy to get used to, and it's gonna be hard to get back to being rushed out of a restaurant when I go home.

I had an amazing opportunity to actually have a video conference call in Spain through a bank back in Boston. I made a few phone calls with them, had a video interview, and I actually got accepted for a job, while in Spain.

Through PDS, like definitely having like all like my resume and cover letters all worked out from previous years made me getting a job here so much easier, because I was already so prepared.

It's amazing to like see such a different culture and meet such different people, and just like how their customs are so different from being back home.

I made myself do it, and I don't regret it at all. If anything, I highly recommend it. It's something-- just like a rite of passage almost.

It's definitely preparing me for my job in Boston, because I feel like I'm just prepared for any situation, especially working in the city. I want to be prepared to be exposed to whatever comes my way.