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We’re driving change in the business landscape with a career-focused education designed to prepare you for today’s competitive job market. Our commitment to small class sizes helps ensure that every student enjoys the benefits of individualized attention from our dedicated faculty, many of whom are distinguished business professionals themselves. You’ll learn the professional skills that employers are looking for, like communication, presentation, analysis, and critical thinking.


For over 200 years, Nichols has been producing alumni who drive change in the business landscape. Here at Nichols, you'll get a broad based view of business that prepares you to lead organizations and maximize their potential. Through our career-focused education, you'll get hands-on experience and gain skills that employers are looking for. And our small class sizes allow students to thrive and showcase their skills. Nichols offers a wide range of concentrations topped by distinguished faculty, and our small class sizes allow students receive the individualized attention they need.

The professors and the passion they have, they make sure their students are successful. And they're always preaching to go to study groups, go to the library, use your resources, always make sure you're trying to do the best you can.

As much help as you need, they'll give it to you. They give you office hours, but a lot of the times they're in their office or a whole lot longer than they say the office are. And that's because they love their job. They take pride in what they do.

One of the benefits of working here at Nichols is that opportunity to help students with their career path. And the beauty of the Nichols education is that it's a focus on business. So our students are prepared for virtually any job in business, whether their concentration is accounting, or whether it's marketing, or management, they have the ability to participate in just about any job because they're prepared.

Because many of our faculty have real world business experience, they bring those connections, not only for career planning and for job opportunities, but they bring those people into the classroom who can lend their experience. Whether it's an alum, whether it's the personal contact that someone might have, our students get the benefit of having somebody who's working in the field share with them their experience and give them some perspective on what's really happening out there.

When I came in my first class, I did suffer at first in one of my classes. I just couldn't get it. I utilized the academic resource center for the free tutoring. Still wasn't getting it, and I was getting really upset and stressed out because I wanted to get an A in that class. My professor, at 8:00 at night, actually called me for two hours to work on my homework assignment, and I finally understood it. And I ended that class with an A.

That's not the only professor that does that. I've had professors come in and meet me at the coffee shop off their off hours just to check on how I'm doing, read over my papers. And it's really nice to know that they care. They want you to succeed.